unique customisation process

We are passionate about making good, quality garments that are worn and loved over time. Our goal is to change people’s perspective on locally made garments. Our unique customisation process allow you to choose the exact customisations you want. From fabric, lining and buttons, to pockets and lapels, you say how you want it and that’s how we will build it. Each garment is made to client’s exact measurements, giving you that perfectly tailored fit, every time.

Our Product Range

Our range includes the following:

  • Tailored suits and tuxedos
  • Sport jackets and blazers
  • Dress shirts and trousers
  • Overcoats for both men and women

We found a way to adapt menswear practices to address the unique body proportions of women and developing a tailor-made solution to the problem of ill-fitting business attire for professional women. Whatever statement you want to make, whether it is a streamlined slim-cut tailored suit, a clean and crisp well-fitted dress shirt or the perfectly tailored tuxedo for your wedding, we tailor garments that speaks volume.

our pricing

Our garments are currently priced as follows:

– 2 Piece Suit: Males From R30 000 / Female From R19 000
– 3 Piece Suit: Males From R36 000 / Female From R22 000
– Royal Suit: R18 000
– Blazer: Males R20 000 / Female From R15 000
– Trousers: Males R8 500/ Female From R5 500
– Shirts: Males FROM R6 000 / Female FROM R5 000
– Polo Shirts: Short sleeve FROM R4 000 / Long sleeve FROM R5 000
Overcoats: Males FROM R21 500 / Female FROM R18 000

Note: All depending on the fabric, cut and style. Our normal turnaround time is 3-4 weeks. We require 50% deposit and the balance payable upon completion.

how we work

You book an appointment: By calling or emailing us.

Initial appointment: We do a lifestyle and personality analysis in order to properly guide you with fabric selection and garment design. We take all your individual measurements, body structure and posture to ensure a well-fitted garment.

The Invoice: After the initial consultation, we send an invoice for your order. 50% deposit is required before any work can begin. The balance is payable before collection.

The Crafting: Once we have received the deposit, we then begin the production process. Our turnaround time is about 4 weeks.

Fittings & Collection: There will be an initial fitting when the garment is 80% complete. Any alterations will be applied accordingly. Final fitting and collection usually takes place a few days to a week after the initial fitting.